Enhanncing Global Awareness

The Global Workforce and Cross-Cultural Competence

Florida Institute of Technology's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

A Comprehensive, University-wide Initiative

As part of the ongoing efforts to internationalize Florida Tech, this initiative intends to enhance student learning and connect to the overall mission of the institution by helping students become prepared for the global workforce environment. The purpose of the QEP is to integrate these efforts in both the formal curriculum through a minor, as well as through co-curricular programming through a non-credit, undergraduate certificate. Once approved, students will be able to certify their preparation for the global workforce through multiple courses and activities across campus (and beyond).

Enhance the quality of your education …

  • Prepare yourself to enter the global workforce. Increasingly, the workplace environment is becoming more and more globalized: personnel and projects are spread across regions, nations, and continents. As such, the more prepared you are as a student to anticipate the challenges of a global environment, the more successful you are likely to be.
  • Become an informed, creative, productive global citizen. To do so, you must know how to communicate effectively in cross-cultural contexts, as well as learn to value and appreciate the perspectives of others outside of the immediate environment. This may also point to a need to accept cultural difference and tolerate cultural ambiguity

Anticipated Timeline for Approvals

Once approved and made available to students, you’ll be able to make this QEP a part of your program plan through the new minor, and/or by expanding your campus involvement through the Cross-Cultural Certificate program. Both programs, if approved, will likely be available in the fall of 2017.


Benefits of these programs.

  • Understand issues in other cultures.
  • Develop Strategies for solving global issues.
  • Accept cultural differences and tolerate cultural ambiguity.
  • Learn from those who are from other ethnicities.
  • Interact effectively with those who are from other cultures.
  • Seek opportunities to interact with individuals from other nationalities.