The 19th International Congress
on Marine Corrosion and Fouling

June 24-29, 2018 | Melbourne, Florida

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to welcome you, on behalf of the COIPM, to the 19th International Congress on Marine Corrosion and Fouling (ICMCF), which will be held between June 24 – 29, 2018, at the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), in Melbourne, Florida, USA.

Founded at the dawn of the Space Race in 1958, Florida Tech is the only independent, technological university in the Southeast. The university has been named a Barron’s Guide “Best Buy” in College Education, and is one of just nine schools in Florida lauded by the Fiske Guide to Colleges. In 2016, Times Higher Education ranked Florida Tech one of the top 20 small universities in the world and named it one of the top universities in the United States. Florida Tech offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs in fields as variable as science, engineering, aeronautics, business, humanities, mathematics, cybersecurity, psychology, communication and education.

Florida Institute of Technology’s mission is to provide high-quality education to a culturally diverse student body in order to prepare students for entering the global workforce, seeking higher-education opportunities, and serving within their communities. The university also seeks to expand knowledge through basic and applied research and to serve the diverse economic, cultural, and societal needs of our local, state, national and international constituencies.

The ICMCF originated in Juan-Les-Pins, France, with its first conference being held at Cannes in 1964. Subsequently, conferences have been held across the globe, including the US, Spain, Italy, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Singapore. The ICMCF has a rich history of hosting attendees and speakers from both academia and industry, thus providing an environment that not only eases interaction and collaboration, but instigates the establishment of relationships.

This coming conference will keep with past ICMCF traditions by providing an interdisciplinary program that will highlight research efforts in understanding and combating biofouling and corrosion of materials and structures immersed in the marine environment. It is ICMCF’s goal to bring experts from around the world together to discuss the latest basic and applied research advances in biology, microbiology, chemistry, physical chemistry, coatings, and materials to help face the challenges of biofouling and corrosion.

Please refer to our Program Tab for more information about the specific events and outline of the 2018 ICMCF.

We sincerely hope you all take this opportunity to join us in our discussion and collaboration to combat current and future challenges of marine corrosion and fouling.


2018 ICMCF Photo Album:

All photographs are available on our official Facebook Page

Presentations for Download: 

  1. Alan Decho
  2. Bernard Costa (Poster)
  3. Bonggil Hyun (Poster)
  4. Chang Li (Poster)
  5. Chang Li
  6. Chris Scianni
  7. Chris Scianni (2)
  8. Cierra Braga (Poster)
  9. Claudia Guimaraes (Poster)
  10. Colin Anderson
  11. Dan Isaksson
  12. Daniel Rittschof
  13. Daniel Rittschof (2)
  14. Dorothea Stuebing
  15. Elizabeth Haslbeck
  16. Elodie Letray & Marta Santiago
  17. Geoffrey Swain
  18. Henry Pate + Blake Hollis (Poster)
  19. Henry Pate
  20. Jana Schwarze Poster
  21. Job Klijnstra (Poster)
  22. Job Klijnstra
  23. Julie Kuo
  24. Karin Moejes (Poster)
  25. Kevin Reynolds
  26. Kevin Wang
  27. Kody Lieberman
  28. Linda Jones
  29. Mario Tamburri
  30. Mark Menesses
  31. Michael Jongerius
  32. Michael Radicone
  33. Mikayla Barry (Poster)
  34. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman
  35. Natasha Dickenson
  36. Neal Blossom
  37. Richard Hays
  38. Richard Osman
  39. Richard Ramsden
  40. Ryuji Kojima (Poster)
  41. Samanbar Permeh (Poster)
  42. Scott Gowing
  43. Steve Kappenthuler (Poster)
  44. Thomas Ramotowski
  45. Thomas Ramotowski (2)
  46. Tracey Bates
  47. Yan Tao (Poster)