Virtual Worlds
Education Conference

June 5 – 8, 2017 | Melbourne, Florida

Information for Speakers

The 2017 VWE Conference organizers designed this event to bring together experts in virtual world education research, design, and practice. In addition to stimulating presentations, discussions, and technology demonstrations, we want to create an atmosphere that encourages and enables attendees to build strong professional relationships that continue after the conference has ended.

Before the Conference

Although there is no registration fee, we do require speakers to complete a survey to gather contact information and details about your research. We will share this information with attendees in our final online program. In addition, we have prepared a LinkedIn Group for the 2017 VWE Conference. We hope that you join this group so that attendees can get to know you a little bit before the conference begins.

During the Conference

Conferences are excellent opportunities to develop new ideas and form new professional relationships but everything disappears once you return to your regular work. To avoid that, participants in each conference form teams that will put the knowledge and ideas gained from daily presentations and activities into practice. Teams will develop an idea for virtual world STEM education then pitch the idea to the conference audience on the final day. An NSF program officer will be on hand to provide feedback and meet privately with teams if they feel their idea has the potential to grow into a full research proposal. In this way, you will leave the conference having formed research plans and collaborators, rather than just some vague ideas for future research and a few business cards.

Team members reserve all rights to their intellectual property developed during this conference.

After the Conference

We will contact speakers and teams after the conference to discuss their contributions to a book based on the conference activities, edited by the conference organizers. Presenters can expand their talks into book chapters that will form a review of cutting edge research in virtual world education and a guide to best practices for teaching and learning in virtual worlds. More details about this book publication will be provided during the conference.